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Acrylic Nails                                                                                            Full Set $30 Fill $20
A product combination of acrylic powder and liquid monomer is applied on top of nail tips or your natural nail for more durability. This option is good for the person looking for a longer more durable nail  
                                                                                                                 Gel Polish with Fullset/fill   +$13                                                                                                                      
Powdered Gel Nails                                                                                Full Set $40 Fill $25
Ideal for nails that are prone to lifting. Gel nails give a shiny natural look to a set. This procedure involves nail tips applied to the free edge of your nail for added extension and gel powder is then applied over the full length of the nail. A liquid gel is then applied to give the nail a clear and shiny proffessional look.
Liquid Gel Nails                                                                                       Full Set $45  Fill $30
Liquid gel nails are the perfect choice for those searching for strong durable nails without sacrificing a natural aesthetically pleasing look. Nails are extended with tips and brushed with a clean pink liquid gel then set and cured under a UV light.
Pink & White Nails                                                 Full Set $50 Fill(Pink & White) $35 (Pink) $25
This nail service is for the clientele looking for a distinguished semi permanant French look that will last for as long as the nails stay on. Pink powder is cut out to achieve the French smile line over the nail and white powder is then added to complete the look.