Dalla Nails & Spa  - Company Message
Chamomile Pedicure                                                                                                     $60/70 mins
Relaxing yourself in a soothing hot foot bath with the scent of chamomile and forget about your worries.  Targeting tranquility from your everyday worries, this pedicure includes:
   *Relaxing chamomile soak
   *Callus treatment
   *Natural chamomile cleanser
   *Chamomile exfoliating scrub
   *Chamomile power massage
   *Hotstone massage
   *Finishing cream
   *Protecting heel balm
    * Soothes stressed skin and aching muscles
    * To ease anxiety and stress, relax the body and the mind

Nu Skin Pedicure                                                                                                                              $60/70 mins
Nu Skin Pedicure is a complex experience featuring an array of benefits. This treatment uses a special conductor which sends currents and allows your body to absorb more of the Nu Skin products to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated. Featuring a 5 step process which includes :
  *Herbal Mineral Bath: conditions and nurtures the skin
  *Liquid Body Lufra: exfoliates dead skin
  *Icedancer: alcohol free gel which revives and stimulates legs
  *Sole Solution Foot Treatment: works on cracked feet and softens calluses
  *Baobab Body Butter: contains high levels of antioxidants for moisturization
  *Paraffin wax treatment
    Possible benefits:
  *anti-aging, cellulite reduction and heals dry soles
  *Stress reduction
  *Increased energy, motivation and enthusiasm
  *Enhances mental clarity and focus
  *Improved circulation and digestion
  * Detoxification

Pearl Spa Pedicure                                                                                                       $50/55mins
The Pearl Spa uses an ancient Asian health secret containing 18 amino acids and proteins.  It is believed to enhance bone development and to promote healthy lustrous skin, absorbs unwanted oils and impurities, clears and smoothens skin, and filters the sun's UV rays. This Pearl pedicure includes:
  *A lustrous pearl soak
   *Pearlescent cleanser
  *Exfoliating pearl scrub
  *Pearl foot mask
  *Pearl finishing cream
  *Callus treatment
   *Soothing hot towel

Dalla Pedicure                                                                                                              $45/50 mins 
Get inspired by this ultimate pedicure for deep hydration and renewal. This pedicure starts off with nail and cuticle care, concentrating on calluses and dead skin removal with an aromatherapy scrub.  A mud mask is also applied to smoothen and moisturize your feet. We then perform the ultimate therapeutic massage with ginger oil for deep circulation. When you're finished, you'll float out the door feeling relaxed, inspired and rejuvenated with gorgeous nails.
Hot Stone Pedicure                                                                                                       $45/50 mins
This marvelous, luxurious spa service includes cuticle maintenance, a minty sea salt scrub and an incredibly soothing and relaxing massage using hot stones to revitalize your tired feet. This service is then topped off
Mini Pedicure                                                                                                                $32/30 mins
This Pedicure begins with a whirlpool bath soak to promote circulation followed by a quick grooming service. An exfoliating scrub is then used to soften and mosturize your skin. The perfect choice for busy clients on the go who need a little refreshment.
Organic Pedicure Coming Soon!